This is a set of Cleveland TA2 irons 3-PW with a bonus extra 6 iron (at left). The grips are original Cleveland grips except for the pitching wedge. The P-wedge has a wonderful Pelz short-game grip that enables you to choke up for the times when you need it (

This is the Cleveland signature look.

These clubs look good and play well.

That's the xtra 6-iron at the left.

Two years of moderate play. Cleveland irons are forged from a softer steel and get that gives them a terrific feel. It also means they get dinged a bit.

Irons 3-4-5-6-7-8. The 3 & 4 are excellent. The 5 shows playing marks on the face, but the grooves are good. The 6-i is pretty good.

That's the P-wedge at right, out of focus. The 7 & 8 irons in the middle are in excellent shape, good grooves. Some marks on the faces.

That's the P wedge at Right... Face is marked a bit, but the grooves are in excellent shape.

Extra 6-iron in excellent shape.

Here is the classic TA2 setup. I like it a lot.

Extra 6-iron is in excellent shape.

Grips are original and in good playable shape.

These clubs are well-crafted; note the consistent pattern of the shaft-steps.